How we spend our money reveals what we value. We’re giving you tools to align your purchases with your values and do more good.


Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions are the financiers of business and real estate – are your values & community being supported by them?


What we invest in determines the future of our communities and planet. Are your investments balancing social, environmental AND financial returns? 


Shirts For Good

Support local businesses & display your values with great looking shirts.

Non Profit Support

Support causes you care about without having to write a big check.

Invest Locally

Earn a good return and support your community with at the same time. 

about US


To meaningfully scale good social, environmental, & financial outcomes for communities.

We are a movement of people who care about our communities & believe how we spend, where we save, & what we invest our money in matters.

Business as usual, should be business as a source of good

Do More GOOD.

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What good are you doing?

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